Fixed Price IT Support

Enjoy the comfort of support for all of your IT at a simple and affordable monthly cost.


Simple. Affordable. Essential.


nCover is a fantastic new fixed price service from nTrust Systems.  Now you can secure your businesses future with the most comprehensive IT support available, from just £35 per month for each computer. nTrust Systems worry about your computer problems so you don't have to.

Peace of Mind.

According to a recent data monitor study, up to one third of IT department heads believe a major data loss at their firm would result in bankruptcy for the company.  Research provided by web hosting provider Verio shows that small businesses are most vulnerable to a massive data loss incident, which is why professional IT support is paramount to a company's fortunes.

Computer Says 'Yes'.

nTrust Systems provides concise, quality, technical support for businesses.  Fronted by a team of courteous, professional individuals, the company has established itself as a leading provider in the industry.


Here at nTrust Systems we realise that the use of IT can be daunting for growing enterprises, so we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive cover we can, leaving you with:

  • Peace of mind about your systems and software
  • Reliable support and expert advice
  • Significant cost savings against an internal IT team
  • More time to run your business  

nCover Features

Remote Support

nTrust is available for remote support between 9 and 5:30 Monday to Friday. Our team of professionals assist customers with any problems they may have.

Encrypted Backup

nTrust provides a daily encrypted back-up service at a remote, secure server. This makes sure a company’s data remains safe and secure.

Anti Virus

nTrust provides access for businesses to professional Panda anti-virus and anti-fraud software as part of the nCover package.

Phone & Tablet Support

The nCover support package covers both smart phones and tablets as standard, giving customers the most comprehensive cover available.

Printer Assistance

nCover help companies with the set-up and maintenance of their printers, from the initial set-up to dealing with any software problems that arise.

Procurement Advice

nTrust provides customers with advice on the best places to obtain hardware and software for their company, giving them the best deals around.

Drop Off Service

nCover customers can bring in for repair any equipment covered under the plan if it develops a fault.

IT Audit

nTrust conducts a check of the controls in a company’s IT infrastructure to see whether their systems will provide the best protection.

Web Hosting and Monitoring

nTrust provides space on their servers for a customer’s website, giving them a presence on the web.

Technology Advice Service

nTrust offers advice to companies that sign up to the nCover service to help them find the best technology for their business.

Office 365

nCover Gold customers have access to Windows Office 365, a subscription service that gives access to the whole MS Office suite. This avoids high initial expenditure with the advantage of access to the latest software updates as they become available.

Spam Filtering

nTrust configures customers’ email systems to stop spam e-mails from reaching employees’ inboxes.

Have any questions? Find the answer in our FAQ section


nTrust professionals have been providing IT Support Contracts for small to medium businesses with computer networks and servers for over 10 years.  We realise that every business is different and every business has different needs, so we have developed two packages that offer different levels of cover, all giving you the peace of mind that you really need.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.  Terms and conditions and fair use policy apply.

nCover Laptop or Computer Support including phone and tablet

  • Silver
  • £35 / month
    • Unlimited remote IT support
      for your computer, smart phone and tablet 
    • Professional anti-virus and anti-fraud software
      Latest version virus protection for 1 device per user
    • 10GB business-class back up per user
      Online backup stored in a Tier3+ Surrey datacentre for our data and digital photographs. Encryption of your backup data so that the content remains private and secure. We can rapidly retrieve your backed-up data if your hardware is stolen or damaged 
    • Including
    • Secure storage of all your key admin details
    • Help with connecting your printer 
    • Procurement advice 
    • Investigation of failed equipment if delivered to our redhill office
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  • Gold
  • £50 / month
    • All of the benefits of the Silver Package plus:
    • Office 365 Software License
      A subscription service to MS Office 365, which gives free updates to the latest versions as they become available
    • Office 365 Business class email
      with Outlook calendars, scheduling, and syncing across multiple devices
    • Email spam filtering
      Automatic effective spam filters to save you time and money
    • Managed Updates
      for Windows, Office and common applications. Up-to-date software reduces cyber vulnerabilities
    • Increased Backup Quota
      20GB data backup per user
    • Domain registration for your business
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Is it cheaper the more users we have?

Yes – nCover is suitable for up to 5 users, with cheaper rates if you have more than 2 users.
Call us to chat over what you need and we will send you our nCover price list or a quote for your particular requirements.

How many devices are covered?

We will cover all devices in use by one user, we consider it normal practice to have a PC, a mobile phone and maybe a tablet.

Is my iPhone Covered?

Yes, we can help you configure your iPhone to do the things you are struggling with.

What is the contract length?

The initial term is 3 months. After that the notice period is a full calendar month.

What happens if I have a problem on a Saturday?

If it is a business-critical problem, call us on 0331 50 60 70. If not, then email us on explaining the problem and we will respond on the next business day.

Can I call from abroad?

Yes, absolutely, our business class remote connection tool works from anywhere you have an internet connection. Bear in mind time zones though.

Our full terms and conditions can be found here
Terms & Conditions

Email Support

If you have any questions about nCover or want some more information and you can't find the answer in our FAQ's above, why not send us an e-mail and we'll show you how great we are at responding quickly!

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About nTrust

nTrust Systems was formed in the UK in 2002 by Russ McKenzie and Eric Whitehead in order to provide high quality tech support for small businesses. In that time nTrust Systems has established a firm reputation as a company that will provide efficient, friendly service to businesses with the minimum amount of disruption to their operations.

nTrust Systems is expanding to support new clients while still retaining a strong loyalty from its current group. nTrust Systems holds a 97% year on year retention rate of clients, which is testament to their smart, efficient and professional service.


Russ McKenzie - CEO
Eric Whitehead - CTO


Allison Burrows - Accounts

Clare Beynon - Admin and Accounts


Jez Henderson - Helpdesk Coordinator
Dave Brittain - Technical Account Manager
Adam Wilks - Support Technician

Joel Williams - Helpdesk Coordinator

Nick Thompson - Support Technician

Arran Trouse - Support Technician

Irfaan Kalam - Support Technician

Max Anderson - Support Technician

Alfie - Moral Support 

How to reach us

Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, nTrust House,
26 Holmethorpe Avenue, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2NL


03331 50 60 70