At nTrust Systems, we've been working for over a decade in making sure that businesses that don't have a high level of technical expertise have access to IT knowledge and support because quite simply the level of IT that businesses rely on is huge.....which means if it goes wrong, it causes a BIG problem.  The thing is, we focus on when things go wrong perhaps a little too much where we should be thinking about how to prevent things.  

Our current nTrust service works by developing a system whereby we work with companies to tailor a solution for their IT needs and infrastructure, however this is largely done on a case by case basis which doesn't work for smaller businesses.  In light of this we've developed nCover which is a service for small and medium sized businesses that require IT support in a way that they can budget for.  This means we're able to offer both a remedy service and a preventative service for your IT needs for a low fixed monthly cost.

We feel that by helping you to make the right procurement decisions and checking that preventative elements are in place with your IT, we can reduce the amount of time that your systems are down meaning you can carry on working, but for those times when the worst does happen and your IT does fail, we're here on hand for unlimited support.

We wouldn't normally use the blog to promote our services, that is what the website is for but we thought we'd christen the site and blog with this first welcome post!  The other blogs we write will all be about teccy stuff that you can understand to make your systems faster, safer and more secure! 

So what are you waiting for, give us a call!