What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a universally used essential and is valuable to all, from SME’s to large organisations. Whether you are a ‘lone-ranger’ or a hierarchical business with hundreds of employees, there will be a version of Office 365 suitable for you.

Due to the flexibility of the licencing, every kind of company and individual can find an Office 365 licence which suits their operations. The Office 365 licences range from Business Essentials all the way up to premium packages.

Tell me something I don’t Know!

Now, this article is not based around flying the flag for the programme. As the helpful people we are at NTrust systems, we wanted to provide you with some information that you may not know about Office 365.

One of the new intuitive aspects of Office 365 is its use of Office Online. Office Online allows you to use all Office applications such as Word, Power Point and more whilst allowing maximum security and proving hugely beneficial when creating important business or personal documents.  The new feature auto saves content onto ‘OneDrive’, ensuring that no documents are lost as they are naturally saved as soon as you stop typing.

What If I make a mistake?

Never fear, Office is a fairly sophisticated system and actually put measures in place to ensure your work is totally safe. The feature banks the files onto OneDrive at very regular intervals, and stores the last 10 saves for your convenience.

This means that you are safe when making mistakes (we were just as worried as you!), you can just go back and continue from the file save ‘pre-mistake’.

Office 365 is slowly becoming invaluable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. The price would appeal to smaller companies, and for the big companies… how about 1TB of data space on the ‘OneDrive’ system! That’s a lot of files!

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