Windows 10 is set to launch later this year, and there are a few changes from the most recent windows update. Being the nice, caring type of company that we are we have listed them so that you can decide if Windows 10 is something that you think is up your street.

New Features

-          The start button is back (Thankfully)

-          There is a new web browser called Spartan, as well as a ‘Siri’ type voice activated programme known as ‘Cortana’.

-          Closer integration with the Xbox for all of the gamers out there.

-          Option of if you want to download Explorer, or leave it alone.

We think most of this sounds positive, but what do you think? Just in case you need a bit more info to help you decide if Windows 10 is for you, we’ve provided a bit more information on the features below.

The Features – Reviewed

Spartan (The new web browser)

Spartan is an up to date, more modern type browser as opposed to the buggy, old internet explorer. The new browser carries all of the assets of Chrome or Firefox, but as per usual with new browsers… you may struggles accessing certain pages. If this is the case, you’ve still got the option of having Explorer.

Cortana (The Windows ‘Siri’)

Cortana works really well on Windows phones, and is probably very interesting on the desktop. The trial version wasn’t the best, but if you want a voice-activated PA on your PC, This is not a bad shout.

Xbox Integration

An interesting, yet worrying feature for businesses. This allows you to stream games via the Xbox on to your PC over your local network. If you’re the boss, be sure to check that productivity in the office isn’t dropping since bringing Windows 10 in!

Microsoft say they will provide free upgrades for existing Windows 7 & 8 users, so they obviously want you using Windows 10. What do you say?